• Pallet handling system with safety enclosure and integrated pallet magazine

  • Entire safety enclosure in GT machine design

  • Manual loading of the pallets is optimally guaranteed via the front door and by crane loading from above

  • Optimal machine accessibility at all times thhrough arrangement next to the machine

Technical specifications
- Dimensions -




  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 1760 x 1800 x 2200 mm

  • Integrated height adjustment to the machine table

  • Sturdy tubular steel construction

  • Plug-in connection to the machine

- axis system -
  • Telescoping in one direction

  • 3 weight classes: 150kg, 250kg, 350kg
    (depending on transfer weight)

  • Different gripping modules
    (depending on pallet type and transfer weight)

  • Axis system can be mounted in different angular positions depending on the machine type

- pallet storage -
  • 8 pallet spaces including set-up space
    (Optionally expandable up to 60 seats)

  • NC-driven rotary table

  • 11 standard configurations

  • Pallet pick-up via specific holding sockets

  • On request also other configurations with Pallets / gripping modules from different manufacturers (Stark, Parotech, Mecatool, Schunk ...) possible.

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